Delivering Happiness

This man is so inspirational to me. Tony Hsieh of Zappos.  If we could touch one life like he has, the world would be a better place.

Imagine if you are a struggling parent, just bombarded by life, and you are in line at the grocery store. When you get your few things up on the belt, the person behind you, who you never saw, pays for your stuff, and adds some of their stuff. You thank him profusely and gather your things in a different frame of mind. You are pulling out of the lot, you have the right of way, but you let someone who looks like they’re in a hurry turn first. You notice a smile on his once frowned face. He pulls in the same lot you just came out of. Two weeks later you see the same person bagging groceries. You purposely wait to go through his line. He recognizes you and thanks you again. He tells you he was almost late because his three month old baby was sick.

If everyone who watches the Happy Hour(I wish it was on every Friday), reads Delivering Happiness, or reads this humble blog started their own chain reaction, we would be much happier. Please go see the Delivering Happiness Bus Tour(http://www.deliveringhappinessbus.com) when it is close to you. Follow it on Facebook(http://www.facebook.com/deliveringhappiness) and Twitter(http://twitter.com/dhbus). If you do not have the book yet, You can get it here(http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0446563048?ie=UTF8&tag=deliveringhappiness-website-20).

Let’s all start a chain!!



You never know

You never know how something will affect you. A friend of mine, Kris Sperry, went to heaven with 2 co-workers as the result of a house fire. I had not seen Kris in years. Never knew he graduated from Washington State Patrol Academy with the physical fitness award. But when I heard he died, it hit me really hard. I could not understand why it affected me to the degree it did. I had not seen him in years. So why such a profound affect? When you are friends, you are friends for life. He was a kind, gentle physical fitness monster. We were all sore for days after when he was in charge. When we played frisbee football, he was like the Walter Payton of frisbee football he was so good. I will miss him.

Hello world!

This is my inaugural blog here on WordPress. The knowledge I can impart is this, patience and caring. Now what do you mean Gary? I am a jobless vet with a mountain of bills to pay. I get rejected by the employers I apply to. Son has ADHD. Wife has suspicious moles. Food running out. This is a breeding ground for impatience. I know that someday something will come. God Will Provide.

While we are waiting, we need to love and care for those around us. I believe in what goes around comes around. The bible puts it as “you reap what you sow.” We all go to the grocery store. This is the easiest place to help or care for someone. Offer to help someone find something. At the very least, smile and say hello. You will never know the far reaching effects a simple greeting will have on someone.

I hope to grow with all who kindly read my humble blog, and offer advice on how we can work as a team to help others with it. Be kind to others, because everyone is going through a tough time.

Your friend


Delivering Happiness, the inspiration for this blog, just came by UPS today. YAYY!!! I cannot wait to get into it. I have my jar of Clausen pickles waiting, in honor of Tony. Thank you Tony and crew. This soldier appreciates you. I will tweet this as well.


You never know where inspiration will come from. Tony inspired me to be more faithful in my blogging. He toasted me today, and I said wow. A famous person like him is toasting  a little guy like me. When his book Delivering Happiness gets here, I will blog every chapter. He seems like such a regular guy. Would love to meet him someday.


The show that inspired me to start a blog is coming on today. Tony seems like a regular guy who just happens to own a company. I appreciate his company, and the inspiration it gave me, and countless others around the world. http://www.ustream.tv/deliveringhappiness/v3#

The Lifetime show Army Wives is a good thing. I really enjoy the show. My wife has Days, and I have Army Wives. It is a tad bit too real for my wife to watch, but she endures me talking about it. I love her so much.

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