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New Positivity

I am kinda new to this positivity thing. My #1 positivity idol is my wife. The most posiitive person I know. I have also realized that if you watch positive things on television, you will be more apt to be more positive. My #1 positive talkshow is Ellen. She does more positive things on her show than anyone I know. From the dance in the begining, to hergive a ways, we could all learn a lot from her. We will


meet, but then again we have whenever the show airs.


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You never know

You never know how something will affect you. A friend of mine, Kris Sperry, went to heaven with 2 co-workers as the result of a house fire. I had not seen Kris in years. Never knew he graduated from Washington State Patrol Academy with the physical fitness award. But when I heard he died, it hit me really hard. I could not understand why it affected me to the degree it did. I had not seen him in years. So why such a profound affect? When you are friends, you are friends for life. He was a kind, gentle physical fitness monster. We were all sore for days after when he was in charge. When we played frisbee football, he was like the Walter Payton of frisbee football he was so good. I will miss him.

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